May 22 A preview of the Drustvar district in Blizzard of Azeroth Sidst udgivet den 22-05-2018

The "World of Warcraft" community site has updated the preview version of the Drustvar area to be offered along with the Azeroth (more informations about wow gold for sell) expansion battle. Drustvar is part of the Alliance departure area on Kul Tiras Island.
When you first arrive in Drustvar, you will see a dark, sharp coastline on the eastern border. Drustvar is a horrible place of superstition and there are traces of witchcraft everywhere. The road through Glenbrook to Fallhaven is in danger and must be guarded. What dark rumors you can come to the Waycrest family, if you wish to persuade the Alliance Kuran Tirans hagekkeum to join them, you will have to solve the mystery that lies in front of you.
Verdi's Greek roof and car project decorated the brick-and-wood structure with amber windows in the car. The important role of the sea in Kul Tiran culture is reflected in the architecture and sea anchors and other symbolic decorative entrances and tents.
Stishan's pus covered the village of Fallhaven and caused mysterious disturbances. This large, ominous building stood as a sentinel in the center of the village, and there were people in the village. . . no respond. Before Drustvar solves the core problem of the problem, you must work hard to break the curse of the village before you can make progress.
Cobblestone paths in and out of towns and villages. History and culture are engraved on the fabric of Kurtilas, but the Dark Witch's function is the same. Cursed and desperate villagers and creatures work under the preservation of this mysticism. If you must learn it, decrypt it and set it to complete the task.
Encourage those who visit this area to rely on wisdom to solve some of the unimportant issues that citizens face and meet people along the way.
There are more riddles to explain (go to to see the price of buy wow gold), and ancient enemies have great difficulties on the ground.