World of Warcraft: Leeroy Jenkins

The guild has been attacking the Blackstone Tower (More about professial knowledge of buy wow gold here). Leroy's guild was discussing how to continue the tactics, but Leroy returned from the AFK and immediately pulled down another room. His guilds flew into panic. The strange things of Leeroy caused the guilty of the guild, accusing Leeroy of being a cause of frustration. You can recreate the entire scene with all the glory below.

Leeroy Jenkins became an Internet phenomenon all night.
Leeroy Jenkins has grown into a popular culture since it was released 13 years ago. This is a game show Jeopardy! It became part of the TV show "How do I meet your mother?" When the "World of Warcraft" mini-game was released in 2008, Leeero could also be used as an action map for holding chicken feet. Meme is also mentioned on TV shows such as Family Guy, Psych, Heroes Reborn, My Name Is Earl.

Leeroy also joined the academic community. In 2009, the Armed Forces magazine wrote an article "Let's do it!: Lerkin Jenkins and the United States suggest how to suggest." In this article, we discussed the methods used by the U.S. military to provide advice to Iraqi indigenous forces during the Iraq war.

Leeroy also has his place in Blizzard's universe. The result of UBRS is that 50 chickens must be killed within 15 seconds. In addition, during the War of Draenor, the NPC named Liroy Jenkins can also help you clear UBRS and recruit him to become a guardian follower. These two achievements will also give the player the title of Jenkins. Hearthstone has its own business card, and in the vanguard, Winston has a voice based on the Leeroy Jenkins case. "I calculated the survival rate was 32.33%.

Is Leeroy Jenkins Real?
Fans have been pondering over the situation of Leroy Jenkins for many years. Ben Schulz, successor to Leeroy Jenkins, appeared at BlizzCon (go to to see the price of buy wow gold) 2007. For many years he did not confirm or reject the authenticity. However, at the end of 2017, Schultz released the first article of the popular Internet memes at the World of Warcraft Forum, and admitted that the whole has been completed.